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RIVEN- Masterwork In Interactive World Making

MASTERWORK REVIEW - RIVEN - Unique Masterpiece of World Story Making
Cyan Worlds

RIVEN - The MYST Saga Begun: A Masterpiece of Game and Art

All Myst, Riven, D'ni, Uru images, text, sound and music (c) Cyan Worlds, Inc. All rights reserved Myst(r), Riven(r), D'ni(r) Uru(r), respective Logos(r) Cyan Worlds, Inc. No part may be copied or reproduced without express, written permission of Cyan Worlds, Inc.

All the images in this specific article are from the Cyan Worlds Publications and remain fully and solely the property of Cyan Worlds, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

Cyan Worlds continued their epic world making that began with the release of MYST with the making of the still ummatched RIVEN, which crafts and creates a world with prerendered 2D images that conveys a feeling of 3D in point and click beyond what most full 3D engines achieve with all the tools of most modern tech. RIVEN remains a deep, wide and immense universe of imagery and ambience, feeling and enigmatic and remarkable vision. It took four years in the crafting and is without a doubt one of the enduring masterpieces of game design and art. RIVEN was created by Robyn Miller and Richard Vander Wend, and produced by Rand Miller and a dedicated team at Cyan over a period of years, for they created not just the game itself, but wove the story of the world and the culture within it, complete with a language, cultural motifs and vital and living people and characters and their story that wraps it all with meaning and life.

The story is woven with a subtle touch that begins with an encounter in cut scene with an unknown figure speaking in an unknown language, and from there the intensity and the mysteries of the journey into RIVEN accelearate and do not slow down for the entire time you are in the game.

The Path You Follow into the remarkable world of RIVEN

The exploration of RIVEN involves your in game character, who you never see, but who you play as 'you' moving through a pristine, crisp and brilliant world of islets and islands linked by bridges, an remarkable maglev ariel rail car, that takes you on a cut scene fully alive moving and exciting ride across the ocean from island to island.........and the dynamics of the game story are remarkable in that they are non linear within a range of choices that seem, when you are first exploring the world, unlimited. You can progress in a number of ways among the five islands and two ages that are in the gameworld and the story is one that you have to solve in order to progress.

The range of environments in RIVEN is remarkable, and you slowly become aware that you are moving into an entirely new universe, not just an exotic location, as you progress visiting temple like structures of unknown origin, a jungle clad island with a jewel like secret lagoon complete with cliff hanging village at its centre and you continue to discover powerful and beautifully rendered items, settings, scenes and story elements.

The paths themselves are rendered with equisite complete detail, more detailed and empathetic than even the most powerful photography can evoke, it is hard to describe but there is an overarching "realness" of being that RIVEN conveys and you are truly drawn into the screen as you advance in this journey. Detail itself can be a cold eye, but in RIVEN you are wrapped in a sense of total reality and depth of field that is achieved by a highly skilled use of setting, change of level, movement through imaging and masterful texture and landscape modeling and world making. Though one moves by navigating from screen to screen, with some options to look up or down, you never feel trapped or constrained by this due to the value and integrity of the inner vision of this remarkable world.

There is very well done ambient sound and the music track is rich and tonally opulent, entrancing, and fully integral with the feeling of each setting, this environmental artistry embues and wraps this world in every detail. This empathy and world creating feeling comes from the depth of the work that created this digital envirnment.

Riven contains over 4,000 fully-rendered scenes and 1,000 QuickTime movies for a total of over 3 hours of potential annmations that are woven into the story as you progress. Some of the scenes reportedly took over an hour to render on Cyan's SGI Indigo Workstations of which they used 13. When RIVEN was created, the various islands in the story were the largest wireframe models created. A single Riven island was made up about two and a half million triangles.

The primary modeling and animation program used in Riven was SoftImage 3D, with LumeShaders creating the effects for moving and still water, beautifully rendered clouds, and very detailed surface textures and effect. SoftImage 3D was created for use for SGI (Silicon Graphics Indigo) Workstations. Alias was used for rendering,
DeBabelizer and PhotoShop for texture editing/compositing/touchups, Media Cleaner Pro for movie compression and HyperCard for prototyping the game/exporting data files to the publisher for final formatting.

In contract, MYST was made with much more simple geometry and low texture resolutions that relied on high contrast between light and shadow. The renders for Myst were displayed from a palette of only 256 colors, which, though beautifully chosen, expressed a more limited tonal range. The screens had 543x332 pixels, taking up approximately three quarters of the screen. All the images and animations were modeled and rendered on six Macintosh Quadras using StrataVision 3d from Strata, Inc.
Softwares used ere HyperCard (Apple), Think Pascal (Symantec, Photoshop, Premier both by (Adobe), Illustrator (Adobe), Painter (Fractal Design) and Morph (Gryphon Software)

HyperCard was colorized using a proprietary version of Symplex System's HyperTint, written by John Miller.

The differnce is seen in the comparisons below of images from the two games.

Images from MYST

Myst Island

A Secret Spring

Riven Images

It is this difference that represents both a great increase in technical range but also a great commitment on the part of the creators, the Millers and the Cyan staff to the story and the depth of the world that is shown in it. This was more than just production to meet a project goal, it was art and story combined for their own sake, and for the benefit of the player and the viewer for the joy of the work. This is to Cyan's great credit and this regard for quality, depth and values more than sales has continued to set Cyan title above and beyond almost everything else created in CGI games.

You are free to choose your own path through RIVEN, and therefore the story is more than linear, it is personal and one of discovery and surprise, just as real as our daily lives and within the context of the RIVEN universe and world, as exciting as anything you may encounter.

One of the remarkable features of the RIVEN journey is the evocation of the complex and complete ecology of this world, there are animated creatures, insects, and settings rich with jungle forest, plants, and a full feeling of a foreign and unkown universe teeming and vital with life. There is also a deep story and world that you glimpse and then learn more about as you progress, but the way the story unfolds, you do not feel like someone is "presenting" or displaying a story, you rather feel that you glean hints, tips, and bits here and there that weave themselves into awareness of the overall plot just as happens in real life. I would venture to say that this game creates a realer Real feeling than many of the most modern 2008 variety of hyper kinetic super photographic thrillers. There is about RIVEN a sense of inevitablity, and solidity, yet you encounter an increasing sense of risk and crisis as the story unfolds from the very first cut scenes with a narration by Atrus.

Story Journey into the Unknown

I think one of the most significant aspects of RIVEN even more than the visual and dynamic nature of the game world, is the story depth. A story to invite us into the realm of tales needs to have an invitaiotn to follow, to eiscover and for us to feel

Catherine in Peril

care about the outcome. In RIVEN, I was compelled to continue and enthralled by the hints, the twists, the suprises and the risk of the tale. This is not a static arena of simplistic attacks and contests, rather it is a window on a world that we want to knwo more about, and people that we encounter with the same feeling as in real life.

You are at Risk in RIVEN too

These characters in RIVEN these are real people for their world and we are invited to be part of what they face and what is happening to them. Even though we only may glimpse some of them and some scenes, I have rarely felt so involved and so intrigued by what I saw and heard and felt.

You encounter a range of images and actual creatures that tell and hint at the story and the cultures you encounter and that you must understand to succeed in your journey. Some images you encounter become real very soon, and that congruence is needed to decypher key hints and to unlock the path of your journey forward, though I emphacize that the progress can be in a variety of ways. And the story is authentic, Robyn Miller and Richard Van Der Wend worked long and hard to craft the history and culture and this crafting later grew deeper and wider as the world it implied continued to be deveoped in the games to follow, in the Myst series.

A Strange Creature Depicted in an Altar....

Becomes very real as the story continues.

Some of the remarkable RIVEN life

There are complex problems and puzzles to be solved but they are woven deeply into the journey that you take as you move thru the settings and into the story. There are dramatic challenges and you as the in game character encounter sudden events that completely redirect you at times, yet you as you have to find the way to the outcome that you may wish for, and there are several possible endings that can occur. You are as much at risk as the characters in the story and the voice acting and evocation of these in game characters is beautifully done, not over played yet fully evoked, and very believable.

In the end I believe that RIVEN will remain a classic and a creation that fully achieves the promise of both its story and of the technology that makes it possible. I cannot express well enough for my own feelings how much I enjoyed moving thru the scenes in this game, the visceral pleasure and the thrill I got from discovering a new vista or looking for something and finding it, or figuring out the solution, often quite different from expectations, that will allow me as the in game me to progress and continue the journey.

Unparalleled Ambience and Sense of Place

I would say that RIVEN is both an adventure story and a world in the making. This world that was begun in Myst and continued on thru the entire series of Myst games up to Myst V and then was expanded greatly in URU ONline and Myst Online URU LIve is one that continues to evolve. But it was born here, in Myst initially but most fully in the earliest form here in RIVEN. I am very glad that this game was created for it shows what CGI interactive non linear game stories can achieve when design, depth and detail combine to create a masterpiece.


Designers Robyn Miller, Richard Vander Wende
Directors Robyn Miller, Richard Vander Wende
Producer Rand Miller
Production Managers Tony Fryman, Matt O'Hara
Lead Programmer and D'ni Historian Richard A. Watson
CG Production Director Joshua A. Staub
CG Artists/Animators Joshua A. Staub, Jason C. Baskett, Michael Bostick, Tony Davidson, Jeremy Engleman, Robert Grace, Tim Greenberg, Robin Higgin-Foley, Bret St. Clair
CG Technical Director Karl Stiefvater, Shaders by Lume Inc.
Additional CG Animation Patrick Faille, Eric Vignola
Compositing and Additional CG World Assembly Michael Sheets
Effects Programming Engineer Mark H. DeForest
Post Production Engineer Ryan Miller
Additional Programming Ryan Miller
Gameplay Design Joshua A. Staub, Richard A. Watson, Rand Miller, Robyn Miller, Richard Vander Wende
Lead Sound Designer Tim Larkin
Sound Design and Live Action Foley and Mix Martin O'Donnell, Michael Salvatori, O'Donnell/Salvatori Music
Music Composer and Producer Robyn Miller
Music Sampling Engineer Chris Brandkamp
Additional Sound Design John Binder, Chris Brandkamp, Brian W. Jennings, Mark Devos, Paul Heitsch, Jeff Krajewski, Sean Richards
Live Action Segments Writers and Directors Tim Greenberg, Richard Vander Wende
Cast Micah Biggs (Village Boy), Tony Framan (Gehn's Scribe), Sheila Goold (Catherine), John Keston (Gehn), Rand Miller (Atrus), Ryan Miller (Moeity Scout), Vicente Ramos (Gehn's Guard), Christine Steele (Nelah), Kate Vander Wende (Leira [Keta]), Sydney Wakan (Girl in Jungle), Ernie Whitecloud (Moiety Prisoner)
Voiceover Talent Rengin Altay (Catherine)
Assistant Production Managers Ralph Marsh, Bonnie Staub
Systems Administrator John M. Biggs
Additional Production Managment Dennis Leahy
CG Technical Assistant Eric Arnold
Journals Written by Tim Greenberg, Richard Vander Wende
Catherine's Journal by Mary Anderson
Casting Assistance Belinda Hunt, Kinslee Miller, Ryan Miller
Costume Designer Catherine Hunt
D'ni Background Model (from Myst) Chuck Carter
Gate Room Illustrations Richard Downs
Wigs Joyce Degenfelder
Additional Props Robert Bovil, Cour Dain, Joseph Fisher, Gaye Gardner, Studio 7
Additional Cyan Support Chris Brandkamp, Dale Carlson, Heather Ferguson-Gady, Byron R. Heinemann, Mark Klammer, Jeff Oswaldt
Lead Programmers Ben Ceschi, Allan Young
Application Programmers Frankie Ford, Samir Ramji, Ed Rose
Programming Directors Jeffrey Charvat, Grace Kim
Executive Publisher Laurie Strand
Senior Production Manager Dennis Leahy
Additional Sound Designer Brian Walker
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Video Processing Scott Aronian
QuickTime Programmer Mike Foulger
Systems Programmers Glenn Axworthy, Bob Gulian, Scott Henderson, Michael Zacks
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Installer Programmers Fred Campbell, Kent Daniels
MMX Programmer David H. Frank
Senior Marketing Manager Bruce Friedricks, Pilar Cloud Shân Savage
Marketing Coordinators Valerie Schuldheisz, Deanne Waltz
Retail Merchandising Lisa Dawson
Web Site Coordination Angie Simas
Quality Assurance Team Leaders Juan Manuel Torres, Warren Yamashita, Jeffrey Zemrak
Quality Assurance Core Team Sean Hamilton Alexander, Inga Pedersen, Julia Thiel, Jennifer Winter
Quality Assurance Managment Kirk Roulston, Rodrigo Silveira, Erik Spencer
Documentation Review Inga Pedersen, Anne Sete, Karen Lamoreux
Quality Assurance Automated Testing Lead Barry Burris, Mike Taber
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Assistant Editor Vince Oresman
Digital Video Capture J. Anthony Ruffo, Derek Gatlin
Operations Manager Steve Manke
Post‑Production Coordinator Laurie Lamson
Live Action by PVR
German Voices Reiner Schöne (as Gehn), Bettina Spier (as Katharina), Kai Wulff (as Atrus)
Sky in Gehns Era Matte World Digital
Costumes Kauffman‑Davis Studios, Seattle Opera
Set and Props Seattle Opera
Production Manager Matt O'Hara
Lead Sound Design Tim Larkin
Public Relations Connors Communications, Rebecca Lester, Adrian Price
QA Lead Mike Taber, Barry Burris
MPEG 2 Audio Compression QDesign Corporation
Photography Assistant James Pusch
Voice Recording North by Northwest Productions
Additonal Sound Design for O'Donnell/Salvatore Music Paul Heitsch, John Binder, Mark Devos, Brian W. Jennings, Sean Richards, Jeff Krajewski, Fuse Music and Design
Lead Localization Anja McClellan
Localization Voice Recording Brian Walker
Localization Programming and Graphics XeoDesign Inc.
Lead Production Manager Nicole Lazzaro
Product Manager and Programming Richard Corley
Art Coordinator John Doyle
Artists Troy Daniels, John Doyle
German Voiceover Talents Directing Charles de Vries
Recording Score One
Recording Technique Al Johnson
Translation Maren Taylor
Synchronization Andreas Reinl
QA Lead Juan Manuel Torres

Cyan Worlds/ GameTap

URU - Amazing and Unique Digital World Reborn

All Myst, Riven, D'ni, Uru images, text, sound and music (c) Cyan Worlds, Inc. All rights reserved Myst(r), Riven(r), D'ni(r) Uru(r), respective Logos(r) Cyan Worlds, Inc. No part may be copied or reproduced without express, written permission of Cyan Worlds, Inc.

All the images in this specific article are from the Cyan Worlds Publications and remain fully and solely the property of Cyan Worlds, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

CYAN Worlds, one of the most remarkable and unique CGI design firms in the industry ever has been given a second chance at the trend setting and remarkable world that they launched with URU several years ago. It was intended as a multi player universe that could be visited in the course of a single player game or as part of a community effort that had a tremendous potential for being both beautiful graphically to visit and experience and also revolutionary in the way that the environment and the depth and range of the immersive experience could widen and be dynamic on many levels. They worked for many years to craft and fashion this work of art, truly unique among digital creations to date, and while it was essentially still in beta testing, the publisher at the time decided that there was insufficent support in the wider community and the effort was shelved. Now, with backing from Turner and GameTap, URU will have a second life, and the remarkable subterranean city, built on an immense scale and lying on an island in a lake 3 miles deep in the earth, with a 10,000 year history, and only depopulated by a deadly event some 300 years ago, the city and the world that it implies will once again live and be dynamic as its makers intended. It was unveiled early this year, 2007, and I believe that many who have never played computer games before will join in. From all over the world, past and current supporters of URU and the Myst series that Cyan created are signing up. It is a dawn of a remarkable new age in computer and graphics design and game creation.

There is a loyal and creative community among players and appreciatiors of the Myst series, itself as a series perhaps the highest achievement to date by any game designer for both art, and craft....and now a growing audience world wide is coming to sign up for the revived and finally alive Myst Online URU Live from Cyan and GameTap.

The potential for immersive and dynamic experience is virtually unlimited as the designers, writers, coders and artists at Cyan, under the inspired leadership of Rand Miller, of the original brother team that founded Myst and Cyan work to release URU in December. They all seem among the best and brightest of what the digital revolution has come to offer in the way of vision and acumen to utilize the revolution that the comptuer has been in our lives over the past 30 years. As the technology has improved for both displays, controls and actual CPU's, the art and depth of games and other digital creations has at times faded and failed to rise to the abilities of the technology itself. Among the pioneers, Cyan had quietly continued to develop some of the finest talent and design potential and now they will have a chance to lead once again.

From an Age from the Expansions to URU Complete Chronicles: Path of the Shell
The orginal single player version of URU published by Ubi Soft

A View of the the city of Ae'gura from URU
A View of the Library and the Staircase approaching it.

I cannot fully describe to you the beauties of the world that you can visit in URU, the vast and silent ruins of a huge urban culture equal to Rome at its glory, and buried both in the earth, and in obscurity to protect the culture of the D'ni and the high levels of technolgy and energy mastery that rivals our own of modern times. These people, called the D'ni, had their own language, culture and vast vision of life, and their history, as revealed in tantalizing glimpses, offers many lessons and portents for our own seemingly vastly powerful world civilization. History is filled with great cultures that have risen and indeed at the peak of their powers fallen often from hubris and weakness within, rather than to enemies from without.
The D'ni were challenged by cultural questions of the role of individuals within their culture and their relation to the Ages and worlds that they were able to access through a remarkable "linking" technology that allowed them to both visit and alter other accesible universes or Ages. In the end, apparently from the evidence revealed so far, they fell from division within. This story offers much for a modern person to consider, as well as to enjoy, for the story is about to come back to life and new exploration will be possible, both for individuals and for groups playing simutaneously and in concert with one another.

The realms of the D'ni include worlds or Ages that they access through a high art of "book writing" that creates links from this world to these other ages, that may already exist, but they find them by the art of writing about them. Here we see the genius of the Millers' and Cyan staff imagination, for we never know if this is a potential that lies within the words themselves, and the power of code or if this is all a description of something that truly exists and we must continue our journey to find the truth, or many truths, and there are complications and different views of this history as well among the explorers and scientists that are art of the story and in the game, working to excavate and explore this vast lost realm.

I cannot encourage you enough to visit and exprience this beautiful world and world of vistas, places, people, and events that will enthrall and enchant, intrigue and mystify you.

The vast horizons, deep secrets, mystery and marvels of an ancient people lie silent but not unreachable, quiet but not without life, vast yet you can reach them, and I urge you to do so.

Begin the journey, for none of us knows where it will take us, thanks to Cyan, and their vision and courage.

Visit to learn more and see images of this remarkable creation.

Images from URU presented here are with gracious permission of Cyan Worlds. All Myst, Riven, D'ni, Uru images, text, sound and music (c) Copyright Cyan Worlds, Inc. All rights reserved Myst(r), Riven(r), D'ni(r) Uru(r), respective Logos(r) Cyan Worlds, Inc. No part may be copied or reproduced without express, written permission of Cyan Worlds, Inc. I am working to ensure that I can get the right copyright and Reserved Marks to post on my blog so pictures may take some time.

Personal Notes:

You play in URU as an avatar or digital image of yourself, at first this took some getting used to, as did the movement keys which are somewhat different from the standard WASD 3D game keys, but they do work well and comfortably and become intuitive over a short time and you will, I think come to enjoy and like them. You can choose either 3D person or first person view and I found I switched between them.

You must first work your way through the "Ages" of the world of the D'ni, these are Realities or world that they discovered and travelled to and from using special books that "link" or teleport the viewer to and from those places. You must solve mysteries, puzzles and mazes to proceed and the story of the D'ni universe and the archeologists from the surface who re discovered it is revealed as you progress. You have your own "personal" age called your Relto Age, which is a mystic island set in a sea of clouds which has a small house with your own linking books, which are placed there as you progress through the game. These include links to the great underground realm of the D'ni and the ruined cities therein. You will also see and be able to talk live with other explorers in the new URU online, which is now live as of March 2007 through an exclusive publishing arrangement with GameTap and Turner.

Your Mysterious Relto Age

Hope these details help, URU is a remarkable and quite wonderful experience and the community involved with it is very kind and helpful.

Cyan had planned to have URU be a live and multiplayer environment and it was one of the first of its kind in original form. This was put on hold after beta testing, they had planned continual new content and developments and a chance for players and explorers to dynamically interact and progress with the story.

Update: March 2007

Cyan has released Myst Online URU Live through GameTap and Turner, it is now available live for a monthly subscription at:

You can find information and help at:

D'ni Restoration Council

community sites


CREDITS: Staff at Cyan Worlds Who worked on and Contributed to URU

Graphics, Core Architecture
Mark T. Finch
Python, Interface
Mark H. DeForest
Network, Game Servers
Mustafa Thamer
Network, Systems
Robert J. Emanuele
Tools, Physics
Colin Bonstead
Camera, Voice, Logic
Chris J. Purvis
Avatar, Animations
Bob Zasio
Database, Game Servers
Eric S. Anderson
Scripting, Interface
Jeff Lundin
Jason M. Calvert
Interface, Audio
Mathew C. Burrack
Avatar, Physics
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Harvey Chapman
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Control Freaks
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Ryan Miller
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Live Content Analyst
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Rengin Altay
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Orange Studio - Bologna (Italian)
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Ubisoft General Manager (World)
Gilles Langourieux
VP of Production
Joe Ybarra
Sébastien Puel, Erik Zwerling
Associate Producer
Jean-Christophe Pelletier
Sr. Game Analyst
Patricia A. Pizer
Game Analyst
Pierre Rivest
Community Manager
Katherine E. Postma
Special Thanks to
Jean-Marc Broyer
CCR Team
CCR Lead
Marc-Alexandre Plouffe
Jason Di Valerio, Jessica Fortin, Simon Cuccioletta
Customer Care Managers
Daniel Germain
Online (
Michael Morehouse
Graphic Artist
Karine Renaud
Web Integrator
Michel Gauthier
Web Designer
Karine Martel
Ubisoft Quality Assurance
QA Lead
Sylvie Tremblay
Gabriel Dubuc, Jean-Francois Giguere, Martin Michaud, Véronique Fortin, Lyne Archambault, Jean-Sebastien Primeau, Jean-Sebastien Charbonneau, Martin Hamel, Pierre-Yves Savard, Patrick Melanson, Marc Thonon, Martin Amos, Yannick Gervais, Francois Arguin
Network and Systems
Group Manager
Andrej Todosic
Operations Manager
Ludwig Gamache
Sr. Software Engineer
Andy McCurdy
Systems Architect
Denis Bertrand, Wei-Tang Huang
Sr. Systems Architect / Test Lead
Shane Akhgar
Network Administrator (Europe)
Eric Garrigues
Jose Covatta
Billing System
Lead Developer
Serge Menard
Perry Stathopoulos
Lead DBA
Sebastien Hinse
Lead Tester
Stephanie Cassie
Admin Billing System Developer
Frank Zhang
Development Manager
Olivier Paris
Lead Community Manager
Gregory Champoux
Comm. Manager (Germany)
Waldemar Lindemann
Director of Marketing
Ian Chambers
General Manager
Diane Peyredieu
North America
Director of Marketing
John Billington
Lead Community Manager
Ron Meiners
Community Manager
Sam Copur
Marketing Manager
Mark Goodrich
Business Manager
Brenda Panagrossi
General Manager
Jason Rubinstein
Web Site
Matt Johan, Joe Toledo, David Macachor
Localisation Manager
Coralie Martin
Localisation Project Manager
Loïc Jacolin
German Localisation
Eberhard Schmidt
Xavier Kemmlein
Legal (Audio)
"Burn you up, Burn you down" performed by
Peter Gabriel
"Burn you up, Burn you down" written by
Peter Gabriel, Neil Sparkes, Karl Wallinger
"Burn you up, Burn you down" published by
Real World Music Limited/Universal Music Limited
Executive Director Ubi Music
Didier Lord
Legal (Tools)
Bink Video
RAD Game Tools Inc.
FaceGen Modeller 2.1
Singular Inversions Inc.
Artbeats Digital Film Library
Telekinesys Research Limited
Open Source Licensees
The Apache Software Foundation
Free Type Project
David Turner, Robert Wilhelm, Werner Lemberg
Python Software Foundation
CrystalClear Software
Xiph.Org Foundation
Jean-Marc Vlin, Xiph.Org Foundation
Glenn Randers-Pehrson
Jean-loup Gailly, Mark Adler
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