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All Morrowind Elder Scrolls III images, text, sound and music (c) Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks. All rights reserved Morrowind(r), respective Logos(r) Bethesda No part may be copied or reproduced without express, written permission of Bethesda. All the images in this specific article are from the Bethesda Publication Morrowind and remain fully and soely the property of Bethesd., All Rights Reserved.

A Few Times in Game Development history a title comes along that is a Masterwork, and after an extended history of prior titles in the Elder Scrolls Serices, Morrowind was released and has been a industry benchmark ever since. It remains a classic, and years after release the community support remains strong and the modding activity expands and grows and adds to the remarkable qualities of the original release. Bethesda can be rightly proud of their carefully crafted, beautifully evocative creation, a game that invites discovery and immersion anew with each visit, and appeals to a wide range of gaming audience. It is in many ways a many faceted jewel, an adventure, a tale and saga of world sized proportions, it will appeal to those who seek action and excitement, thrills, and spills, those who savor the depth and drama of a role playing story with a thousand twists and turnes, those who love graphics and environmental enhancements, Morrowind is fully dynamic in both day and night cycles, weather and atmosphere and as the game world is huge, there are entire regions of differing climate, cultture and life.

It has as well an austere yet lush depth of aesthetic scripting and visual artistry. It has all the visual integrity and complexity of a High Reinassance Alter piece, or a great cathedral: Morrowind offers to the casual and to the careful observer and player the entire range of encounter: and one feels at different times in the game, awe, wonder, and enjoyment of many kinds. My summary here is from months of study and years of preparation to be able to appreciate the layers of achievement here, not only of the talented, indeed inspired staff at Bethesda, but also by the community of hundreds dedicated modders, modellers, and contributors to the game, for there are now thousands of mods and plug ins for all aspects of the game.

My review here is written for not only a casual reader but for also a serious gamer and student of games, to allow the fullest expereince of the Morrowind world. My recomendation is to find the Game of the Year (GOTY) Edition of Morrowind which comes with the two official expansioins, Bloodmoon and Tribunal, from Bethesda, as well as the latest and most complete patches and fixes. Then I would recommend a careful study and selection from the mods which literally take the game to transcendant heights of visual, aesthetic and game play possiblities.

As with all my Masterwork Reviews, I will continue to ad to and augment my listings of resources and hope to continue these reviews as a resource for both serious game researchers and for gamers of all genres and ilks.

Morrowind: Elder Scrolls III
Morrowind is one of the masterpieces of CGI game development to come to the scene over the past ten years. It combines role playing, adventure gaming, FPS, strategy and much more. It is a tale told through the eyes of the player through a fully functioning avatar who lives, and acts out your own joureny in the wider tapestry of Tamrial, a mythic land with a long history, and a sweeping canvas of events, figures, races, and literally thousands of plots, threads, quests, NPC characters of all kinds from Kings to Demons, Knights, Warriors, Sages, Wizards, Mages, Damsels in Distress and under Duress, Enchantresses, Thieves, Pirates, Renegades, Monks, Priests, Gods, and Heros. It has a dynamic world in which the time of day, season and weather change, people live out their lives, love, fight and seek and perish, within an ongoing storyline that allows the player to seek the main journey or countless others, including many created by the community with the excellent in game modding tools, the TES tool set, and much more. Indeed, the mods and add ons of the communtiy number in the thousands and add tremendously to the game and to its dynamic open nature for in a sense development has never stopped with Morrowind, even though Bethesda the creator has made two major official expansions, Bloodmoon and Tribune and moved on to the sequel, Oblivion.

With the add ons, the player can build and own castles, palaces, homes of all kinds to live in and store their acculated wealth, for in MW you live by your own deeds and acts and need to amass wealth to buy necessary items such as clothing, weapons, armour, food, magical potions and items, and over the course of the game you increase your abilities and standing in the game in both skill and standing with the other characters and the guilds and factions of the world.
You can now with both the game itself as designed by Bethesda and the community add ons, now play and fight with companions who work and fight along side you, of both sexes, you can raise and ride horses, be accompanied by pets and guards animals and people, you can join and work with the various sects, guilds, the Legion, and other groups in the game, and there is avast and intricate range of adventures, journeys, quests, and storeis you can particpate in.

Much of the wonder of Morrowind unfolds as you progress and the events happen with the same mystery and suddeness of real life, indeed you can "live" in the world of Tamriel in an almost endless fashion and with the mods being released and developed all the time, Morrowind promises to remain a living and vital world for a long time to come.

Morrowind Mods and Plug Ins

Morrwind Comes Alive - adds over 400 NPC's to all the towns and cities, and really enhances the feeling of things being alive, they are all integrated into the communites and have the appropriate dialogs

Graphic Enhancers: There are a ton of visual enhancer mods, This is a special area for modding MW, and can be a matter of indivudal taste, but I like to try to keep the original feeling of the game while enhancing the textures and the feeling of the landscape when it fits with the spirit of the game.. Some of the enhancers are:Vibrant Morrowind, Morrowind Visual Pack (these can be cpu intensive but are very nice upgrades and detailed in texturing), Fantasy Color MW, Landscape Remix with add ons for specific areas, Jarrod's Texture Replacer and these following add trees and veg to the game nicely:

Gardeners of Morrowind
Green Morrowind

Leafy Morriwnd

Forested Morrowind- these all add trees and change the vanilla tree models which are clunky but be careful as some change the game way beyond the original feeling and that can lose some of the MW magic.

Atmospheric Sound Effects 1 through 4Wonderful enhancements for immersiveness with bird, animal, nature and people sounds of all kinds

Infinite View Distance Mod - this is a tool that you install that allows you to see normal distances, and removes the everpresent mist. It allows you to experience the game in a wider way and shows things in the distance.

Vibrant Stars - adds nice stars and more intense night sky and you can even add other mods to enhance the Moons of Morrowind and give you an occasional comet or meteor.

Texture Replacement Packs - there are a wide variety of some very high quality texture replacers, you can test them, review them and use some aspects of some for specific things.
House, Town, City Mods - There are a wide variety of add ons in the form of new houses, buildings, inns with many enhancements, expansion for existing cities and towns, mods that change the appearance of major structures localy or globally, and aspects of them such as fireplaces, furniture, wall hangings, etc.

Lighted Windows for nightime:Modmans Windowlights:

and a variety of others, make the houses and cities of Morrowind come alive, with the glow of candlelight and torchlight, from a thousand lighted windows.

Animals Domestic and Wild - You can "tame" or moderate the annimosity of the wild life, which will attack on sight mostly, the Cliff RAcers and other predators can be tamed with the Racer Replacer or the Healthy Wildlife mods, and or replaces completely with a harmelss other species. You can also add cats, dogs, wolves that follow you, other domestic animals, and there is a Horse Ranch mod that allows you to raise, breed, and train horses and ride them.

Transportation mods - Travel around MW can take time as it is large, the Stilt Rider network can be enhanced as can travel by ship by the various travel mods, you can even travel by airship, magic carpet, hot air baloon, teleportation, and horseback and more. All Stilt Rider Mod and All Boats Mods will add riders and ship locations for travel.

Character Improvers;Better BodiesEsmee'e BodiesBetter HeadsSmoother BodiesMany Face and Hair Replacers - These all improve the original blocky figures and faces and have great ranges of variaton for all the races in MW, experiement and try them, I use Esmee's and Better Bodies and Heads, and others.

Companion Mods
Emma's and Grumpy's Mods - Some of the earliest and best companion mods: they will walk, run, sleep, live and fight with you, you can summon them and they can help transport you to places around the MW world, they can enhance your game play. You can add animal companions, thanks to Emma and others, including wolves, dogs, cats and other creatures.

Clothing, Weapons, Magical Items, and more, - just about anything that you can use, buy, steal or need in the game has been modded.

Major Land Area Additions and Add OnsThere are projects underway with major community elements behind them to expand the MW world beyond what Bethesda has created but staying strictly and carefully within the lore and history and true to the MW vision. Two of the largest are adding an entire land mass to the East, Tamriel Rebuilt, and Silgard Tower to the west. Both are accessible from the main land area, and are being worked on and added to continually. They are playable but not complete yet and will add immense areas to the game. There are many other mods that add islands, land areas, change major areas and extend the game in many ways. It is important to be sure such add ons do not conflict with each other, and most of the modders and the community are careful to work together to not place thier additons on top of existng or new additions.

Quests and Add On Journey ModsThere are some beautifuly scripted and detailed add on quests for both the main game of Morrowind and the expansions. These contain complete new story lines based in the MW lore and world, and often have major elements, including compoanions, towns, buiildings, and adjunct details, beautifully crafted and intricate in every detail. These include

The White Wolf of Lokken Mountain
- A wonderful story set in the wintery Nordic flavoured island of Solsteim, with a delightful story line and surprises galore, a must for a MW adventurer, you need to be at least level 25 to fully experience this quest. The quest even has a Christmas theme add on for seasonal fun, it is by Emma, one of the very most talented and devoted modders for MW.

Blade's Quest: Prophecy of the Lost Heir very nice Emma Mod and has some nice side quests as well as a companion that you gain for your travels.

Beyond YsGramor
Clothing, Weapons, Magical Items, and more, - just about anything that you can use, buy, steal or need in the game has been modded. I will add more on this as I can.

Mod Use and Installation - It is important to learn how to propertly load mods into MW because some of them will conflict and can corrupt your game install. The load order will determine what is seen in the game and it is important to load some mods before others. Also you need to update and keep the master files current in your save games. You can do all of this using a remarkable tool developed by one of the giants of the moding world in MW and OB, Wyre, his tool Wyre Mash will keep your mods in order and updated with your save games.

Using Mods in Morrowind
The best way to load a mod is to unzip it and then open the data file in your MW install where all the files live, and then just move the individual file on top of the folder for each topic, such as Texture, Mesh, Book Art, Sound, etc. this will cause correct placemnt of each file. Sometimes using an installer or Win Zip with all Folders checked will end up putting files in the wrong place. Make a back up before installing each new mod, to be careful.

Also use MGE, Morrowind Graphics Extender, created by Timeslip, it will help greatly - the Infiinite View Distance Mod gives visual distance improvement.

FPS Optimizer created by Alexander Stasenko who was on the European MW Boards, will help tweak your install to allow you to have the best possible frame rate,

You must load the mod into the game folders and then check the master file on the master file list under Data on the log in screen for the game. Then you should update your save games with Wyre Mash and you will be good to go.

There is much help on the Elder Scrolls forums and there is where the MW masters hang out, many of them.

Lists of Mods
Telesphoros's Mods - One of the best lists with live links
Tarnsman's List of Mods that Make MW more realistic and playable

Some Technical Details about Tweaks to the INI, and how to enable screenshots and to move quickly past the error alerts at the start of the game:

The way MW and the Bloodmoon and Tribunal Official Bethesda expansions work is as follows: when installing an expansion it modifies the original MW files. The original Morrowind had bugs that were fixed by patch 1.2.0722. When Tribunal is installed, it generates additional bugs in the base game and had a set of it's own, thus Tribunal patch 1.4.1313. The same is true for Bloodmoon requiring the Bloodmoon patch 1.6.1820.

One example of a serious bug was one introduced in the Tribunal portion of the game by installing Bloodmoon. The result was a repeating loop dialogue problem with a character essential to the main quest, stopping the game.

The GOTY edition is pre-patched. Each disk has the proper patch for it's piece of the game. With both expansions installed, the game is patched to 1.6.1820. Verify this by looking in the lower corner of the screen where you select whether to start a new game or load a save.

There are also a couple of ini changes that will help, one shows FPS rate for tweaking and general play awareness and one allows screenshots in the game.

Change the 0 to a 1 in the following lines:Show FPS=0Screen Shot Enable=0The first will display your frame rate while playing and the second will allow screen shots with PrtScr.

If you use mods you can sometimes get into situations that generate a lot of error messages, but the game will still play. To "one click" your way past those messages add the following line: AllowYesToAll=1

Credits and Sources:

Bethesda Software

Elder Scrolls Official Morrowind Mod Forums

The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind community is vibrant, diverse and very energetic and strong, and they continue to assist me in my reserch at every turn, and are very welcoming to new players and others interested in the game and in mods for it.

I want to thank in particular Yasgur, Wyre, Telesphoros, Princess Stomper and many others of the Morrowind community for much very kind help with the references and add ons listed above. The community is very strong and very helpful with MW and a great help to players both beginning and veteran.The Elder Scrolls community has been very very kind and helpful to me as they are to all who come to their doors, and I am very impressed with the solid foundations that MW has, from Bethesda's work on it, that has allowed it to continue to expand and grow from the efforts and contributions of the community.

All images and Titles, and Names from this game are copyright (c) and Trademarked (TM) and Reserved (R) to Bethesda Game Studios and Bethesda Softworks, and may not be reproduced or used without the express permission in writing from Bethesda. These rights extend to all current and future forms of media and data storage. All Rights Reserved 2007 (c) Bethesda Softworks.

Morrowind Development Team 2002

CREDITS : Bethesda Softworks LLC staff who worked on Morrowind for its release in 2002:

Project Leader
Todd Howard
Lead Designer
Ken Rolston
Lead Programmer
Craig Walton
Lead XBox Programmer
Guy Carver
Lead Artist
Matthew Carofano
Lead Character Artist
Christiane Meister
Guy Carver, Scott Franke, Ahn Hopgood, Chris Innanen, Mat Krohn, Mike Lipari, Steve Meister, Matt Picioccio, Kerry Sergent, Craig Walton
Additional Programming
Hal Bouma, Victor Breuggemann, David DiAngelo, O'dell Hicks, Scott Hofmann, Andrew Nunn, Casey O'Toole, Erik Parker
World Art & Building
Hope Adams, Noah Berry, Mark Bullock, Matthew Carofano, Christine Miller, Gary L. Noonan
Additional World Art & Building
Shirin Alkaissi, Bryan Card, Gavin Carter, Brian Chapin, Royal Connell, Kevin Shriner, Frank Ward
Character and Creature Art
Tohan Kim, Christiane Meister, Juan Sanchez
Additional Character and Creature Art
Wan Chiu, Chandana Ekanayake, Sean Foyle, Josh Jones, Mark Jones, Andrew Rai, Michael Bailey Smith, Ka-Kei Wong
Concept Art
Michael Kirkbride
Writing & Quest Design
Douglas Goodall, Mark E. Nelson, Ken Rolston
Additional Writing & Quest Design
Bill Burcham, Todd Howard, Michael Kirkbride, Ted Peterson, Todd Vaughn
Sound Effects
Jason Ruddy
Original Music Composed and Produced by
Jeremy Soule
Quality Assurance Lead
Michael Fridley
Associate Producers
Ashley Cheng, Todd Vaughn
Jeff Baker, Jonathan Bryce, Linda Canyon, Lynda Carter, David DeBoy, Shari Elliker, Catherine Flye, Cami St. Germain, Gayle Jessup, Wes Johnson, Melissa Leebaert, Michael Mack, Elisabeth Noone, Dude Walker
Manual Writing
Ashley Cheng, Pete Hines
Manual Layout
Michael Wagner
Packaging Layout
Michael Wagner
Director of PR & Marketing
Pete Hines
National Sales Manager
Lori Rehr
Vlatko Andonov
Original Concept
Todd Howard, Ken Rolston
Special Thanks To
Kevin Bachus, Brent Erickson, Brian Harvey, Connor Hines, Shannon Hines, Jeff Howard, Kim Howard, Jody Innanen, Greg James, Kurt Kuhlmann, Antonio Lang, Julian Lefay, Ellen Lipari, Mike Lipari, Kenny McDonald, Don Nalezyty, Alan Nanes, Bruce Nesmith, Rachel Noble, Gary L. Noonan, Christopher Ondrus, Regis Philbin, Bryan Rankin, Kim Rankin, Hugh Riley, Stephanie Scheibley, Brian Stokes, Kelly Tofte, Christopher Weaver, Colin Williamson
Other Games
In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.
Michael Bailey Smith, 71 other gamesJeremy Soule, 56 other gamesHugh Riley, 21 other gamesMark Jones, 20 other gamesJeff Baker, 17 other gamesCraig Walton, 16 other gamesJuan Sanchez, 14 other gamesJulian Lefay, 14 other gamesChristopher Weaver, 14 other gamesPete Hines, 14 other gamesColin Williamson, 13 other gamesBrian Harvey, 13 other gamesBrent Erickson, 13 other gamesTodd Howard, 12 other gamesVlatko Andonov, 12 other gamesTed Peterson, 12 other gamesKen Rolston, 11 other gamesGreg James, 11 other gamesAshley Cheng, 11 other gamesKelly Tofte, 10 other gamesChristopher Ondrus, 10 other gamesTodd Vaughn, 10 other gamesMark Bullock, 9 other gamesHal Bouma, 9 other gamesLori Rehr, 9 other games
People who have worked on this game have also collaborated on the creation of the following games:
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Game of the Year Edition), a group of 99 peopleThe Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Collector's Edition), a group of 99 peopleThe Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, a group of 46 peopleThe Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, a group of 33 peopleThe Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon, a group of 28 peopleThe Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, a group of 26 peoplePirates of the Caribbean, a group of 14 peoplePBA Tour Bowling 2001, a group of 13 peopleSkyNET, a group of 12 peopleThe Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, a group of 11 peopleThe Terminator: Future Shock, a group of 9 peoplePBA Bowling 2, a group of 8 peopleEchelon, a group of 8 peopleSea Dogs, a group of 6 peopleIHRA Drag Racing 2004, a group of 6 peopleCall of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth, a group of 5 peopleUnreal II: The Awakening, a group of 5 peopleDelta V, a group of 4 peopleHammer & Sickle, a group of 4 peopleAn Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire, a group of 4 peopleStar Wars: Battlefront II, a group of 3 peopleThe Terminator, a group of 3 peopleThe Terminator 2029, a group of 3 peopleDark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles, a group of 3 peopleMagic & Mayhem, a group of 3 people
Credits for this game were contributed by -Chris (7099)


Bethesda Game Studios

Bethesda Gameworks

In Oblivion, you journey in game in a world fully realized in comlete 3D as a character of your own choosing, fully actionable and customizable in rich detail.

Bethesda has once again created a masterful addition to the Elder Scrolls universe with the release of Oblivion, which is perhaps one of the most complete and visually beautiful virtual worlds yet seen. Oblivion leads the player in the form of an in game avatar fully customizable with complete inventory of acmour, clothing, and all needed items on a journey rift with danger and adventure in a vast world fully realized in complete 360 3D and stunning graphics. The water ripples and reflects the sky which is itself fully dynamic with changing weather, time of day, and passage of time, the moutnains and fields, forests and complete and active wildlife, birds, and people of all kinds move and carry out their lives in complete detail.

There are cities, towns, villages, inns, caves, temples, ruins, deep caverns, sunny hamlets perched on mountain passes, hidden temples with cults of warrior priests, harbor towns bustling with ships and trade, horses you can ride, all manner of adventures, quests, and a main story quest line that continues the Elder Scrolls history with full and vital energy and life.

You can and will meet many dangers in this world, but you can prepare with training in a variety of guilds, sects, and professions. You are protected if you are good, and hunted if you are evil, by the Imperial Guards, you actually meet the Imperial Emperor in person (voiced by Patrick Steward!) and many other lords, ladies, Mages, adventurers, ogres, witches, wizards, monsters, and more. There is a lifetime of adventuring to do and see in Oblvion and a vast and supportive community turns out wonderful and enhancing mods of all kinds daily for everything and everyone in the game. One of the remarkable features of this title is the way that your main character interacts with the "living" people in the game, dialog is activated by proxiimity and by approaching and clicking on them, and there is a range of interactions incluing of course combat but more peaceful ones as well, like trying to convince or cajol someone, win their approval, or threaten or attempt to get informatoin out of them, also there are quests and sub quests which activate records in your journal and which you can follow to achieve goals, find treasure, solve problems and mysteries, and these are all available as well as the main quest that involves the deep lore and story of the world and world history of the universe the game is from.

The landscape and the detail of the trees, foliage, forests, moutains, and all that lies in between is amazing in its complexity and accuracy.

The buildings and palaces, cathedrals, and temples and houses are all fully detailed on the interiors and you can and will spend much time exploring, visitng, sleeping, and adventuring inside as well as outside. The light that illuniates these interior spaces is beautifully designed and crafted and much enhanced as well by mods that impove the immersion and the passage of time and days.

Bethesda Game Studios
Executive Producer Todd Howard
Senior Producer Ashley Cheng
Lead Programmers Guy Carver, Craig Walton
Lead Artist Matthew Carofano
Lead Character Artist Christiane Meister
Lead Dungeon Artist Istvan Pely
Lead Designer Ken Rolston
Quality Assurance Lead Timothy Lamb
Producers Gavin Carter, Craig Lafferty
Programming Brendan Anthony, Erik Deitrick, Scott Franke, Ahn Hopgood, Christopher Hynes, Chris Innanen, Mat Krohn, Mike Lipari, Steve Meister, Nathan Nordfelt, Brian Robb, Jeff Sheiman, Dan Teitel
Additional Programming Joshua Andersen, David DiAngelo, Joel Dinolt, Michael Dulany, Kurt Kuhlmann, Davor MrKoci, Matt Picioccio, Jean Simonet, Orin Tresnjak, Jeff Ward
World Art Hope Adams, Noah Berry, Clara Cafasso, Tony Greco, Grant Struthers, Megan Sawyer, Rafael Vargas
Additional World Art Sally Huang, Daniel T. Lee, Ryan Sears, Andy Barron
Dungeon Art Todd Broadwater, Tim Lindsey, Frank Ward, Michael E. Ryan, Robert Wisnewski
Additional Dungeon Art Jeff Browne, Joel Burgess
Character and Creature Art Hiu Lai Chong, Josh Jones, Gary L. Noonan, Hugh Riley, Juan Sanchez
Additional Character and Creature Art Ka Kei Wong, Liquid Development
Interface Art Natalia Smirnova
Quest Design Brian Chapin, Kurt Kuhlmann, Alan Nanes, Mark E. Nelson, Bruce Nesmith, Emil Pagliarulo
Additional Design Erik J. Caponi, Jon Paul Duvall
Additional Writing Ted Peterson, Michael Kirkbride
Additional Production Tim Bumar, Jeff Gardiner, Richard Lambert, Matt Wotring
Sound Design & Voice Direction Mark Lampert
Video Design & Production Steven Green
Quality Assurance Kevin Kauffman, Nathan McDyer, Will Noble, Jennifer Noland
Additional Quality Assurance Ben Barreras III, Brian Bloomfield, Angela Browder, Ruben Brown, James Costantino, Joseph DiAngelo, Michael Dulany, Viatcheslav Erofeev, Toby Franklin, Ryan Gerhardt, Brian Jackson, Michael Jenkins, Greg Kline, Christopher Krietz, Michael Mazzuca, Aaron Mitschelen, Louis Riley, Joseph Romano, John Pisano, Tihana Tresnjak-Smith, Russel Vaccaro, Robert Wallace, Absolute Quality
Original Music Composed and Produced By Jeremy Soule
Character Voices Sean Bean, Lynda Carter, Terence Stamp, Patrick Stewart
Race Voices Jonathan Bryce, Ralph Cosham, Catherine Flye, Gayle Jessup, Wes Johnson, Linda Kanyon, Elisabeth Noone, Michael Mack, Craig Sechler
Voice Recording Absolute Pitch Studios-Bethesda MD, The Tape Gallery-London UK
Additional Sound Effects dSonic Audio
Packaging and Manual Michael Wagner, Lindsay Muller
Director of Information Technology Steve Bloom
Information Technology Rob Havlovick, Joe Owens, Paul Tuttle
Quality Assurance Managers Michael Fridley, Robert Gray
VP, Public Relations and Marketing Pete Hines
Marketing Manager Erin Losi
Marketing Coordinator Paris Nourmohammadi
VP, Development Todd Vaughn
President Vlatko Andonov
Localization Babel Media UK
Operations Director Alberto Schiannini
Producer Emma Timms
Audio Manager Adam Chapman
Senior QAC Laura Carter
QACs Ben Adams, Lex Bentley
Audio QAC Arif Khan
QSC Les Plumridge
French Test Team Carole Aubree-Dumont, Seb Celimon, Marilyn Gray, Abder Ben Bouhout, Sebastien Cazenave, Sophie Krauss, Tom Nettleton
Italian Test Team Pino Piccolella, Adele Dalena, Fabio Gurini, Daniele Gallori, Francesco Montanini, Margherita Seconnino
German Test Team Eva M. Walter, Liam O'connell, Nina Mitterbacher, Russell Hyer, Justyna Waszkiewicz, Daniela Schulze, René Lange
Spanish Test Team Alberto Mallo, Pavel Romero, Israel Delgado, Bruno Diez, Nacho Garcia, David Lopez Aragon, Maria Guruceta
French Audio Test Team Geraldine Berger, Carole Aubree-Dumont, Sebastien Cazenave, Tom Nettleton, Seb Celimon
German Audio Test Team Eva M. Walter, Tammo Klockner, René Lange, Liam O'connell
Translators Guillaume Le Pennec, Agnès Letourneur, Claude P. Esmein, Emmanuelle Roué, GMT, ThinkAMDS, Lia Desotgiu, Birgit Neuwald-Morton, Terence French, S&H Entertainment Localization, Stefan Hahn, Hans Breuer, Mark Pendry, Ivan Madrigal, Virginia Parades Guerrea, Natalia Brines-Moya, Sonia Vasconcelos, Diego Verger, José Esteban, Ruth Díez Peña, Cristina Escobar, Elena Otero, Phuong Tran-Mai, Lara Ferrulli, Gabriele Khan, Diana Díaz Montón
French Recording Studio Hi Fi Genie
German Recording Studio M&S Music
Dialogue Post‑Production Team Hugh Edwards, Jeremy Paul Carroll, Mary Snee, Matthew Carter, Richard Joseph, Barry Towndrow, Spike Burridge, Malin Arvidsson, Arif Khan
Localization Special Thanks Stefan Lupp, Mick, Philippe David, Greg Gaby, Martial Le Minoux
2K Christina Recchio, Christoph Hartmann, David Ismailer, Ryan Brant, Sarah Anderson, Bob Blau, David Edwards, Scott DeFreitas, Lesley Zinn, Dorian Rehfield, Grégoire Gobbi, Jon Payne, Jim Yang, Jack Scalici, Gabe Abarcar, Thomas Bass, Susan Lewis, Jason Bergman
ZeniMax Media Inc.
CEO Robert Altman
President Ernie Del
COO Jamie Leder
CFO Cindy Tallent
EVP‑Legal Grif Lesher
Administration Jill Bralove, Bernice Guice, Denise Kidd, Barbara Manning, Patti Pulupa, Valery St. Preux
Human Resources Tammy Boyd-Shumway, Jazzlyn Flores
Receptionist Paula Kasey
Executive Chef Kenny McDonald
Special Thanks Steve Adamo, Scott Alexander, Dan Amerson, Colin Barrett, Scott Berfield, Cem Cebenoyan, Lev Chapelsky, Bruce Dawson, Marco de Gries, Edelman Public Relations, Fredrik Eriksson, Blake Fischer, Brad Goldberg, Mark Griffin, Andrew Griffiths, Dawn Hershey, Greg James, Andrew Jenkins, Matt Lee, Mary A. Luzanski, Doug Kubel, Mike Mace, Stewart Mallee, Jason Mitchell, Rebecca Mueller, Nicky Pearson, Tim Preston, Manuel N. Regien, Naomi Ridout, Jeff Royle, Vincent Scheib, John Smith, Jeffrey J. Struckel, The Ant Farm, Kelly Tofte, Ross O'Dwyer, Mike Walsh, Michael Wetzel, Darren R Wright, All our families and friends, All the fans on

(to be continued)

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