Monday, October 23, 2006

Work In Progress: Building A 3D Digital World

The hope lingers that we may find each of us, a special place, a door may open, an hidden path reveal a land of quiet beauty that we have seen in dreams or maybe glimpsed far off, sought, known of, yet never yet as my world appears, via the almost magical modern technology of 3D softwares, it is showing me itself, a tree, a path, a vista, at a time, and at the same time perhaps I am journeying into the mystery that lies in each of our hearts, and seldom on our modern and hasty world has voice.

Work continues as time and energy allow on my 3D world, which now comprises some 3000 cells, and tens of thousands of trees, veg elements, structures, landscape features, texture details, and some aspects of dynamic weather, active wildlife, birds capable of flight, fish in the sea, and a series of interconnected maps in a level in progress of production. My goal is a fully integrated dynamic world, with both 24 hour day changes, weather changes, and seasonal changes for the visitor to enjoy. There may be both a free roam natural version and a story line version, the scripting and creation of the natural world continues and the background and devel. for the storyline also, but with other projects I have had little time to do major updates, but wanted to post some more screenshots of my world for visitors to enjoy.

I continue to study and research cutting edge CGI tech and potential for inclusion in my project and am actively involved in several on line and large communities centred around several leading game titles, including the Myst Cyan series which is about to re launch URU, with all that this wonderful game promises, and also the Elder Scrolls community with study of both Morrowind, and the Bethesda's latest release Oblivion and the modding and development for these by a very large international community of fans and supporters. It is a very interesting time and subject and I am enjoying seeing what potential 3D and CGI graphics have for art and artistic creations of the future with full motion, sound, and interaction for the viewer.

Over the past twenty years, dynamically interactive graphic games and other CGI programs have brought a new form of literature and potentially, of art, to viewers and has great untapped potential I feel. I have been looking carefully at the development and history of such creations which range from superb works of great imagination and excellence such as the Myst series by Cyan Worlds, and some of the early albiet much more primiitve graphically classics like the Legends of Kyrandia and works of that ilk by Westwood, Sierra and Lucas Arts, mid to late 1990's works such as The Longest Journey, Syberia, Broken Sword and others and now modern games of all genres which often have very fine engines and graphics but may lack in the content area. This has been a fascinating study for this all has happened very fast, in terms of how a new medium is developed. I feel that content is still catching up with the technical capacities of the technology, but I remain hopeful for there are many many bright and creative people coming into the CGI world, and joining those many more already there doing this remarkable work.

My hope is to possibly bring some of the focus that I have given in my own past work in painting and art to this new medium, but I have no real sense yet of what may come from this all. I keep experimenting and studying what has been done and what may be possible or in development in all genres of CGI.

I also continue to study the potential for mulitple path versioning and dynamic self generating story tree algorythmns in game and also to help interface between stored libaries of visual source and dynamic spinning inside the image. Thanks for visiting. None of the work shown here of mine is of a commercial nature nor are any of the images or the development intended for profit, but are an expression of my creative vision and interest in furthering the boundaries of art.

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