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The Longest Journey - Dreamfall: Ragnar's Epic Saga Masterpiece

April Dreams


All Images included in this article copyright(c)Funcom, all game titles and content remain copyrighted and all rights reserved (R)(TM) and all products and publications in any current and future media remain the sole property of Funcom. (c).2000 - 2007 .

In 2000, Funcom released to the world what is assuredly one of the lasting masterpieces of CGI game design and literature, The Longest Journey, which was followed by a sequel in 2007, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. Both are based on a story plot line by Ragnar Tornquist, a genius of storytelling and a masterful game designer. It is hard to imagine what artistry and creative vision was gathered to produce two such wonderful games, each having some of the finest elements of current technology and story telling and game play available at their repective times of release.

April begins to learn of the two worlds, Stark and Arcadia

The saga tells of April Ryan's life and adventures in two linked worlds set in a future universe, Stark, science based and modern and a place of vast urban cities, teeming masses, technology rampant and triumphant, the world dominated by the Wire and interconnected in both high tech advantage and vulnerability: and the other world, Arcadia, magical, and spiritual, filled with myth, and mythos, natural beauty, and medevil towns, sailing ships, talking creatures and wonders of all kinds.

April being drawn into a link between Stark and Arcadia....

April's Everyday life in Stark

Her Friends are very much part of the story, april and Charlie in the Fringe Bar

April's Studio at Art School

In the two games people can and do travel between the worlds, with unforseen and remarkable consequences, there are great issues at stake, Balance, Order, Chaos and change in both worlds involving shifts and new techonology and invasions both real and spiritual. Ragnar has given us story figures, heroines and heros equal to the task of carrying these stories.

Both games are fully voiced and the dialogues are one of the wonders and the great treasures of both games, in this hasty and illiterate age, one can marvel and revel in a deep story line, character development, plots and sub plots and wonderful people and creature we get to know and love, hate or fear, and enjoy, above all enjoy.

I played The Longest Journey years before the advent of Dreamfall, and fell in love with its lush and luscious screen images, the beauties of the colours and worlds and the wonders of being able to move with and follow the characters in a 2D-3D mixture, of pre rendered backgrounds, but with wonderful ambient lighting,full sound effects, excellent animations and fully movable characters, really 2 and a half D, and the scale allowed one to feel you were in a vast landscape, and fully involved in the story.

The Beauty of Arcadia, Paradise Lost

April Ryan, the heroine is a vivacious, and highly individual person, an artist, in a bewildering modernistic world that is being driven mad by its power and the angst of the lost souls trapped in high tech prisons of affluence that are slowly killing their dreams and souls.

The Cities of Stark

April Exploring Marcuria, a city in Arcadia

Roper Klack's Castle in Arcadia

She falls into the other world due to her dreams, she is a link between the worlds and both worlds voice their need and pain through her, and she begins a quest for meaning and understanding and to help that takes her on voyages in both worlds and into wonders you will marvel at with her. She meets and works with and against a marvelous array of characters, beings, entities, healers, seers, villans and saviours...and you will not know what will happen any more than she does.

April Learns of the Spirtual History of Aracadia and of the Balance....

Chaos Threatens the Balance

A Mysterious Lady "tells" the story....which continues with.....

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Part 2

April in Marcuria 10 years later

Dreamfall is the second of three planned stories, though Ragnar is not telling us yet when the third will come, or what form it will take, some word is that it may be episodic. The saga unfolds in Dreamfall ten years later, April has changed, aged and grown in a different path from the April we knew. But we enter the second game through Zoe, a fully new and differnt and also engaging character, this time she is in full 3D, and you can move comopletely freely through the Stark and Arcadia, the two worlds, and enjoy completely realized scenes, speak with and interact with other chracters, do things, move them, and effect changes, and your game play has many choices that will change the story path of the game.

Zoe's Home in future Casablanca

Future Stark is ruled by giant corporations and science still

Arcadia remains different but has its own troubles

There have been vast changes in the 10 years between The Longest Journey and Dreamfall, the super powerful world of Stark experienced a Fall of the net, and everything stopped, space flight is no longer possible it seems and the entire world civilization almost fell. There are hints that it was tied to events in Arcadia, but with the unfolding story, we never really know entirely what is happening. In Arcadia, two invasions have affected Marcuria, first a horde of nomads and then a high tech matriachy modeled on a fundimentalist Caliphate has "liberated" Marchuria, but plans to impose it's own religious oligarchy, and is opposed by rebels including April. Zoe moves between the worlds and thru a world of dreams that is revealed through some of the other characters from the first story......for through this land of dreams some can both travel and affect both worlds, indeed the dreams of each world can threaten the other if the Balance is lost.

The Ruling Dictators of the Conquerer of Arcadia

A traveller from Stark to Arcadia taking the Path of Dreams

A Guardian in the Place of Dreams....

A word of warning, PLEASE reset the x and y axis of the movment defaults, the default settings will drive you nuts, as they did me for some months before I figured it out. they set the exactly opposite of our natural movment pattern, it is a standard ASWD 3D movment pattern but they set it so that if you moved your mouse to the left you went right and if you pushed up you went down. I have no idea why they did this, but many including me were totally frustrated by this, so once you do this you will quickly pick up the controls. There is also some fighting and some stealth sequences where you need to sneak to get by some villans and mosnters, these are a bit touchy but the game itself is far worth the effort, it is beautifully rendered, some of the most beautiful scene setting I have ever seen in any of my game research.

April and Zoe are both remarkable and very different

Zoe is another character of strong will and depth, and she indeed meets April later in the game and they work together and then apart, both retain their own unique personalities.

Zoe moves in both worlds

Zoe in Arcadia

The deep issues of the first game remain and have indeed become more intense and serious, for the worlds both have moved deeper in to the Divide, the crisis that involves the Balance of Order and Chaos that affects all worlds and cultures, and that Ragnar has evoked with great ethos, and skill in both games. I will not spoil the story for any person who enjoys CGI games MUST play both, I insist. You will not regret it, as I will always look to both of these games for the best in game design of their respective publications. Ragnar has proven that story telling and adventure remain key ares for game excellence and there is much we can learn and share in such game literature.

The Old Harbour in Marcuria

April in the place of dreams............

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Karla Munger for help with the screenshots. A further note, both games play on XP, but for The Longest Journey 1 to play well please be sure to get the DVD version with the latest file sets.


The Longest Journey (2000)

Producer Ragnar Tørnquist
Lead Designers Didrik Tollefsen, Ragnar Tørnquist
Written By Ragnar Tørnquist
Art Director Didrik Tollefsen
Lead Programmer Morten Lode
Programmers Johan Braanen, Rune Espeseth, Jan-Ove Haaland, Bjørn-Eirik Larsen, Morten Lode, Audun Tørnquist
Laidback Staff Johan Braanen, Jan-Ove Haaland, Morten Lode
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Special Thanks To Tommy Strand, The Anarchy team, Everybody at Robert Martone Recording Studio in New York
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April Ryan Regina Lund
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Q'aman / Stanley / Frank Minnelli / Alatisk slottsvakt Steve Kratz
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Minstrum Yerin / Bandaernas ålderman / Umber Ianos Sture Ström
Emma / Ne'ema / Kvinnlig gäst / Reporter Madeleine Elfstrand
April som barn / Sa'ena Elvira Roos
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Mörkerfolkets sändebud / Pappa, Vakt / Hisspolis Thomas Roos
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Brian Westhouse / Den uråldriga draken / Freddie Melon / Tjock reparatör Fredrik Dolk
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Zack / Ben-bandu / Adrian Ivan Petersson
Mickey / Gribblaren / Polis-receptionist Rachel Mohlin
Tun Luiec / Fiona My Holmsten
2 CD & DVD re-releases
Additional Programming Enno Rehling
Additional Quality Assurance Christoffer Bjørnsti, Nina Louise Sund

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (2007)

Game Director Ragnar Tørnquist
Project Manager Øivind Scharning
Art Director Christer Sveen
Lead Designers Jarl Schjerverud, Henning Solberg
Designers Aleksander Grøndal, Dag Scheve, Torbjørn Sitre (Tobben)
Written By Ragnar Tørnquist, Dag Scheve
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Lead Sound Designer Simon Poole
Music Leon Willett
Additional Music Even Johansen (Universal Publishing), Ingvild Hasund, Morten Sørlie, Octavacat, Simon Poole
Voice Director Ragnar Tørnquist (English version)
Casting and Recording Coordinator Dag Scheve
Additional Dialogue Editing Lee Walker
Assistant Project Manager Anita Dalsrud
CEO Trond Arne Aas
QA Manager Ørjan Mathis Tvedt
Assistant QA Manager Scott Junior
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Sales, Marketing and Management
Director of Operations Ole Schreiner
Sales & Marketing Director Ove Forseth
Sales & Marketing Annette De Freitas, Terri Perkins
PR and Product Director Jørgen Tharaldsen
Community Manager Craig Morrison
VP Business Development Nicolay Fr. D. Nickelsen
Business Controller Jan Inge Torgersen
CFO Martin Hoff
Special Thanks to Johan Tengå, Vivi Christensen, Geoffrey Higgins, Brian Lee, Funcom US Customer service team
Motion Capture Performers Bjørn-Erik Hytt, Thea Danielsen Fjørtoft, Vilde Jansen
Production Babies Ingvild Mydland, Maren Mary Ashurst
English Voices
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Virtuous China Art Team
Character Modellers Wu Yan Wei, Sui Bo, Xu Kun Peng, Xie Hai Tian, Zhang Yu Ya
Level and Object Modellers Sui Bo, Xie Hai Tian, Li Zheng
CEO Gilles Langourieux
Art Director Cheng Yu
Production Director Pan Feng
Recording, Sound Production and Casting
Casting Director for Blindlight Dawn Hershey (C.S.A.)
For Nordubb Morten Karlstad
VO Producer for Blindlight Alexandra Dorris
Voice Director for Blindlight Michael Hack
For Moynihan Russel Studios Paul Lynch
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For Gary Churcher
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Empire Interactive
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Localization La Marque Rose
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Director of Technical Support Tim Attuquayefio
Quality Assurance Supervisor Matt Scates
Technical Support/Compatibility Lab Manager Andy Brazell
Special Thanks Tim Fuller, Jennifer Becker, Claudia Gauthier, Aaron Whitesell

JoWooD Productions
JoWooD Continues a Remarkable 3D Total World Game Series

All Gothic III images, text, sound and music (c) JoWooD Group All rights reserved

Among the modern developments of 3D Worlds is one of the most detailed and immersive, that of the series developed by the German company JoWooD, the Gothic Series I, II, and III with a sequel in the series underway, IV. These games have evolved into a fantastically detailed world that has dynamic weather, tiime of day changes, and a vast game world of almost mythic proportions, I think it is perhaps not as well known as some such worlds such as Oblivion but equal to any modern world created for CGI gaming in quality and beauty.

You arrive as part of a progression of story, and must travel thru and learn to understand a complex world with many races and areas. You visit at your own choice, a series of sub worlds of alpine woods and mountains, desert a la Arabia of fantasy fame, and must travel thru a vast array of towns, cities, villages, caves and deal with what you find there.

You as You in Gothic III

I found Gothic to be very beautiful as a world and the detail simply stunning. The in game main character that you control has full voice and options for a vast array of skills and abilities which you must master to advance in the game.

Incredibly detailed World of Gothic III

I can only give a glimpse but what a wonderful one it is, of this amazing world and will continue this review soon.

Arabian Gothic

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