Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dreamfall - Brilliant Adventure in Stunning Worlds

Dreamfall - Classic Adventure Beautifully Created

This stunning masterpiece of 3D world making and game story telling is the second in the series of games created by FunCom and Ragnar Tornquist, one of the very best of modern game designers and creators. It is without a doubt one of the finest CGI games created yet, and shows a mastery of story telling and world making on the part of FunCom and the entire development team that is so far unparalleled in game creation.

I have begun a new play thru of Dreamfall and with the first time, full graphics enabled, and I must say I am stunned and surprised at the beauty and the great depth of this remarkable game. With the perspective of several years since its release and my own experince of many games since playing it for the first time, I find it engaging, engrossing, and thrilling and a joy to play and to see. The characters from Zoe to all of the others, the way the game puts you "there" in the lives of the players, and the just incredible luscious colours, lighting and feel of the game, i am convinced now that FunCom and Ragnar Tornquist, the mentor/creator of the series has achieved heights rarely climbed by any adventure game or any game for that matter period.

I dont want to spoil it for anyone who has not played it, so this thread is for those who have mostly but if you havent, run dont walk to get a copy....and play along. I will keep my posts relatively unspoilerish, and it does not hurt to know what wonders visual and game story wise you will see lie ahead.

Overall i would say that what they have achieved with this wonderful masteripeice is a story, of action, adventure and drama that has also great human appeal and depth. The modeling and the voice acting is superb for everyone, and there are tons of hints, and story enhancments to be had by talking to and listening to everyone ...absolutely everyone in the game.

The lighitng and the settings are also works of art, the characterizaiton of the locales, and the feeling of being right there with the story, and the wide range of feeling of them, it is simply something you have to see to believe.

The challenge for story telling is how do you frame the places and the people you see, and the camera (if you reverse both the X and Y axises) is wonderful to follow with and enjoy. You also get a good inventory of things to enhance the game, and full record of the dialoge for future refernce thru Zoe's phone.

It is also a story set in an intriguingly familar future, one we live in already partly The vast depth of the issues and the story arc that lies beyoind and above the immediate events, the risks that lurk society wide are ours too, and there is an erie prescience that the game story offers us here and now.

I cant say enough good about this wonder and this awesome i will let the pictures do the talking and hope to return here to post more and to expand on what is up. This game is also a wonderful contrast to the volence ridden games we see coming out today, for it offers challneges and even combat but it is couched and placed in a believable and humane context that engages us without dragging us into a corner and hittings us over the head with it.

Come for a bit to Stark with us, and see what the Longest Jounrey has led us to, and join us and Zoe and her friends and foes in this great adventure....with much to enjoy.


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